Australian Jade - Chrysophase Bracelets


Chrysoprase is a variety of chalcedony that is coloured green by the presence of nickel mineralisation. It is sometimes referred to as “Australian Jade” due to its resemblance  to Burmese imperial jade. The majority of chrysoprase is mined in Western Australia and came from a place called Yerilla.  Another location, is a place called Murramunda (an aboriginal name) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, not far from the iron ore mining town of Newman. Australian Jade is a gemstone that is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who wear it. ... Chrysoprase is one of the rarest and most valuable forms of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. More recently, American and European jewellery houses like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co and Piaget have showcased this gemstone. Some of these jewellery pieces have adorned red carpet celebrities including Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Chrysoprase’s toughness, hardness (7 on Mohs scale), excellent durability and ability to take a fine polish make it ideal for a range of cutting styles. Be mindful that chrysoprase can dehydrate and fade if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight; however, this is remedied by soaking it in water.

Dimensions: Elastic Stretch Band

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