Stay Hydrated This Summer

Stay Hydrated This Summer

It takes just a 2% drop in hydration to make your head feel fuzzy? You can increase your concentration, health and energy just by drinking enough water! That's a good reason to start upping your water intake. Doctors recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water a day. That can be harder than it sounds! 

As I'm unpacking all the new season beach towels and Sydney has hit mid thirties just a few days into summer, Here are some natural additions to add to your water to keep you at your best this summer season, weather you are at home or out and about enjoying our beautiful beaches...

Cucumber: boosts metabolism, acts as an anti-inflammatory

Lemon/Lime: Vitamin C, boosts metabolism

Orange: Vitamin C, boosts metabolism

Mint: cools the body, boosts metabolism

Ginger: increases immunity, boosts metabolism

Cinnamon: helps you lose weight, increases immunity

Strawberries: Vitamin C, adds sweetness

Apples: boost metabolism, adds sweetness

Peaches: adds sweetness, Vitamin C

Kiwi: Vitamin C, boosts metabolism

Now, keep in mind that these are very lightly flavouring the water, so you probably aren't going to get crazy benefits from them, but it is certainly a good way to help your drink your water.