All About UGGS

All About UGGS

The UGG is such an Aussie house hold icon. I can’t imagine a home without a pair of Uggs. Let’s explore the world of Uggs. Ugg history, shopping for Uggs and how to look after Uggs. We are not only wearing them at home and down to the shops, with so many new styles we can go anywhere with our Uggs these days. I’m always getting excited to see the new season styles arrive.

Let’s start at the beginning…

UGG is simply a style of sheepskin boot which has been produced in Australia for almost 200yrs.

UGG is Aussie slang for ‘ugly’. In earlier days the beauty of the boot came from its comfort not its appearance.

In the beginning Australians were wearing their UGG boots around the house and in the 1960’s the boots became popular with surfers and competitive swimmers to keep them warm after coming out of the cold water.

In 2003 the UGG boots became very fashionable overseas in the USA, gracing the feet of many celebrities and continued to make a strong presence in Canada within University Campuses.

In 2006 the term ‘UGG Boots’ became an interchangeable and generic term for ‘sheepskin boots’ and it is not a trade mark for any one company from the Australian Trademark Registry.

Sheepskin boots are now available worldwide and generally in sizes that fit men, women and children. Manufacture has expanded to China also, but still using Authentic Australian Sheepskin.

Today there are so many styles of UGGS available, weather you are wearing them at home, going shopping or venturing out on holidays. The world is experiencing the true essence of quality sheepskin footwear as a global trend.


The earliest style of Ugg boots were made with a material referred to in the Industry now as ‘double face’ this refers to a sheep skin on both sides of your Ugg, inside and out. This style of Ugg material is more expensive. It feels very soft to the touch and generally requires support around the heal area as the skin is so soft.

You will find now that ‘suede to wool’ Uggs have become very popular due to their more affordable prices. The leather that you see on these Uggs is not sheep; it can be cow skin for example. The inner lining is authentic sheep’s wool and some people are preferring the firmer skin of the ‘suede to wool’ Uggs as they hold the shape of the boot more effectively and can be longer lasting as the thicker skin holds longer against wear and tear. Also now there are many new prints, fabrics and embellishments being added to the boots, so there is no appeal to showcase the ‘double face skin’ in these cases.

The use of the word UGG should relate to a natural sheep skin or sheep wool boot it can also now include other styles of footwear like slippers for example.

Even though the word UGG is trademarked in other countries, in Australia it is a description for this type of footwear. It’s a bit like Jeans. Lots of people make jeans and you would expect them to be made from denim.

Prices can vary greatly depending different styles of Uggs. Depending on the technology used for manufacturing the quality of the sole of the footwear. Any additional embellishments and features can also impact the price.

Sizing can also differ slightly when shopping for Uggs. There are many unisex style of Ugg so take care to check if the sizing is in Men’s or Women’s sizes. Unisex shoes are in what is known as men’s sizes referred to as straight sizes for unisex shoes. This is also seen in earlier years of school shoes or work boots for example.

Note: remember when you first try on your Ugg that the wool pile will flatten with wear so do not be concerned if originally the shoe may feel a little bit snug. Also remember it is leather and will stretch.


First and foremost Uggs are not waterproof. To prolong the life of your Uggs for outdoor use you should waterproof your boots. This is a simple process which involves spraying your Uggs on a monthly basis for best results.

Uggs are a natural product and prefer not to be damp or left in a moldy environment.

Now that we are coming into cooler weather, we will all be dusting off and pulling our Uggs out from the back of the cardboard. Give your Uggs some fresh air and waterproofing to start yet another season.